Medisana Magic Brush - A magic brush for hair straightening and ironing


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Medisana Magic Brush - A magic brush for hair straightening and ironing
Straighten and iron your hair in the matter of minutes!
If you are tired of the blow-dry brushes and hair presses, that damage the hair, if you do not have time or money for expensive hairdressers, here's a solution for you!
With Medisana Magic Brush for hair straightening save time and money. In just a few minutes and with a few movements, this amazing 3D ceramic brush will give you the desired hairstyle, straight and shiny hair.
It is three times more effective than the hair weave and it corrects the hair gentlier thanks to the 3D ceramic structure.
The mixture is heated to the ideal straightening temperature.
Digitally adjustable temperature in the range of 60 ° C - 230 ° C.
Quickly and evenly heats and straightens hair.
It does not damage the hair.
3D Tourmaline-ceramic emits ions that hydrates and nourishes hair.
Secret of these brushes is the 3D ceramic teeth that are designed to raise the hair from the root and warm each strand of hair, they do not tangle,damag or burn the hair. It's easy to use, just comb your hair and get incredible results. Your hair will be flat, bright, lush and most importantly intact. Hair straightening is as simple as combing your hair. Medisana hairbrush will correct curls in a very short time and soft gentle movements will stylize your hair and direct your hair locks in the desired direction. It can be used for all types and lengths of hair.

3D ceramic teeth

We are sure that you will be delighted after the first use! LCD display which indicates the temperature of the brush can be set in the range from 60 ° C to 230 ° C and the brush will turn itself off after 60 minutes of use. The maximum temperature is 230 ° C.


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