Medisana Pedi Smooth - Electric pedicure (nail rasp) for heels with diamond crystals


24.90 USD



It is very important to give your heels and soles special attention, and with Pedi Smooth you can have a professional luxury pedicure at your own home.

Medisana Pedi Smooth is the electric pedicure - nail rasp of ergonomic shape, with a specially designed head diamond crystals that rotate 40 times per second, and gently and safely remove unwanted, rough and hard skin from your heels and feet. With regular use of this professional appliance your skin will be soft and smooth.

Pedi Smooth Electric pedicure - nail rasp is easy to use: Simply insert the batteries on the the bottom of the appliance, remove the protective cover from the rotating head, turn the switch ON, then simply touch the part of the skin that you want to sharpen and magic will begin. For hygienic reasons, it is not recommended that the same nail rasp is used by more people.

Pedi Smooth - for the softest feet ever! Get rid of stubborn deposits and thickenings of the skin on the heels and feet using a Pedi Smooth.

In the set you'll get: 2 adapters - Pedi Smooth rotating head for heel care, cleaning brush, two AA batteries and instruction manual.

It is designed for removing rough, thick skin of the feet and heels

Pedi Smooth rotating head with diamond crystals (360 °)

The skin becomes soft and smooth

Lightweight and easy to use

Runs on 2 AA batteries that are included

High speed rotation


Switch with UV coating


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