Terms Of Use

The policy regulates the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the use of this Site, and the informations that are displayed on the Site. Please thoroughly read the Rules. Entering data on the Site or submitting orders through this Site means accepting Rules and Privacy Policy.

Definitions of terms:

  1. Service Administrator -an entity responsible for the proper functioning of the Site.
  2. Administrator - The administrator of personal data of Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  3. Billing Service Provider - accounting may be performed by third parties that provide services in the scope of data and payments, invoicing, accounting and reporting.
  4. Privacy Policy - a collection of rules in the area of processing of personal data and privacy protection rules, which apply to the users of the site, described in detail on the Site in the file "Privacy Policy".
  5. The product  – product or products (or services) described on an internet page which can be the subject of Orders by the Customer in accordance with these Regulations.
  6. Refund  - refund of the price or part of the purchase price of the Product, detailed in Section VIII.
  7. Rulebook   - this rulebook in its entirety.
  8. Seller  - the entity (or entities) listed on the Site or in the Regulations which offer the possibility of ordering a product and the conclusion of transactions sale. Entities may differ depending on the location or the actual availability of the product.
  9. Sale  – Seller's confirmation regarding a contract on purchase of products in accordance with the customer's orders.
  10. Site  – an internet site registered in this domain that represents a call for submission of Orders.
  11. Platform  – software used for Site and implementation of services related to the Order.
  12. User  – a natural person who visits the site.
  13. Order  - offer to purchase products made by the User.

Your opinion is important

  1. Every user that uses the site has the ability to share their views with us.
  2. Reviews and suggestions should be forwarded to the email address listed on the Site.
  3. The message should contain the following elements:
    1. It should have a text message format;
    2. It should contain attachments in the form of images or audio video files in formats: jpg, bmp, pdf, mp3, midi, wav, mpeg, qt, avi, flv, mp4, mpg, wmv, asf or VCD;
    3. It should be truthful;
    4. It should have an accurate description of all the attached images, audio or video files with the following informations:
      1. The name or initials of the user in the picture / recording;
      2. a brief description of what is in the image / video;
      3. The names of the products in the image/video,
      4. determining the period in which the product is used;
      5. Attachments in their original form, that is not subjected to digital processing using graphics programs;
      6. does not include anything abusive, obscene, discriminatory or illegal.
  4. The user that sends his opinion should have the right to publish and disclose all sent audio video materials.
  5. The user that sends his gives consent that the contents of it, in whole or in part, together with the supporting documents shall be published on the Site and other web sites that contain a description of the product to which the assessment relates.
  6. In orderd to protect the privacy of persons whose statements and/or images are published on the Site, they may be changed.

Website’s General Terms of Service

  1. There is an English versions of this rulebook on the website and In the case of any difference in interpretation
  2. All trade information, price lists and advertising products through our site are there solely to encourage the submission of bids by Members and contracting directly with the Seller. None of the information on the Site, regardless of its name, can not be considered an offer, in terms of applicable legislation.
  3. Customer order is an offer to purchase products and means the acceptance of all the provisions of the Rules and Privacy Policy.
  4. The user that orders must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity or a consent of their legal guardian, in accordance with the laws of the place of residence of the User.
  5. Providing services and product sales and delivery of the products is for now only possible on the territory of Serbia.
  6. Current information about the products and their prices are valid for the day that they are displayed on the website.
  7. The entire content of the Site is the property of their respective entities. Products to which there are informations on the Site comply with all legal requirements for the place of sale. Headquarters of the seller will be considered a place of sale. A person who is interested in the products displayed on the Site, and that want to submit a purchase offer for them, should know the local legislation related to the purchase of the products described on the Site, and is obliged to comply with them.
  8. The price specified on the website includes all taxes and fees based on the location of the Seller .. the price specified for each product is valid at the time of placing an order by the customer and may include the delivery cost (in accordance with the information on the site).
  9. Seller reserves the right to change the price of the products described on the website, the introduction of new products and withdrawal of those previously presented and relocation or cancellation of promotions, without notice.
  10. To achieve the best and quickest completion of orders, the correct information should be given to a computer system platforms. It is necessary to indicate the e-mail address to confirm the order. For additional telephone order confirmation, the Customer shoud specify the phone number.
  11. Personal data provided when submitting Orders are processed by the Administrator of the service provider or the Seller, to the extent necessary for the implementation of the Orders, in the procedure of online and offline acounting, and in the after-sales process, in accordance with the Policy policy.
  12. Names and personal details of users and other persons whose statements and photos were posted on the site, may be changed in order to protect their privaciy in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  13. Orders that are not paid by a subscription using the pre-paid method, of which there are doubts about the accuracy of person's data - the recipient of the Product and the actual situation, can be verified by the propper department and such orders may be canceled by the Seller.
  14. Despite the effort to avoid any errors, published product descriptions may contain irregularities, therefore, can not be the basis for further claims. Service Administrator takes all actions to provide accurate and up to date information on the Site. But he can not guarantee that the information is complete. Accordingly, Seller is not responsible for inaccuracies in the content of the information available. The seller reserves the right to change, correct and update the content of the Site at any time.

intellectual Property

  1. All products shown on the website, as well as other names are used solely for identification purposes; they may be trademarked by their respective owners and sellers. Trademarks, names of manufacturers and companies are used on the website for information only and are the property of their respective owners.
  2. The content of this site, as a whole is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and may not be used for purposes other than the purposes specified in the document, and in particular may not be copied, in whole or in part.
  3. The collection, use, reproduction and/or posting of excerpts on any other web site or web pages of other sellers of any material from this website, particularly the data relating to the product is forbidden. It is forbidden to use the name of the product and the Seller, as well as labels, photos, product descriptions or any part of the website for any purpose other than for private and non-commercial purposes.
  4. All text, data, graphic materials, pictures, logos, photographs, images and other materials on the Site, as well as their selection, organization, coordination, compilation and general appearance and character of the Site are the intellectual property of the Seller or their respective legal owners. All the above is protected by copyright, rights to samples, patents, trademarks and other regulations, within international conventions and the rights of ownership. All rights reserved to the Seller or other rights holders. All trademarks, brands and trade names are the property of Seller or other entities. Without prior consent of the copyright holder of the materials, neither the user nor any other person have the right to sell, spread, copy, modify, play, display, disclose in any way, broadcast, addapt these elements, give them a license, create similar processed work based on them, or to use them in any other way.

Sales of the product described on the website and the completion of Orders

  1. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, all year round.
  2. Orders can be made through the Internet or through telephone contact from anywhere around the world, but in some countries the only possibility is paying in advance through a payment system that is listed on the website.
  3. The sale is finalized after verification of product availability and technical possibilities of finalization of the given transaction between the Seller and the Customer.
  4. If the product or order is made up of several elements the seller can be more enitities, for each product, a different entity.
  5. The Moment of an Order is not the same as the time of sale.
  6. Seller reserves the right to refuse an order without obligation of defining the reasons.
  7. Orders received on weekdays after 12 hours, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed on the next business day (in special cases, this may be extended).
  8. At the time of confirmation of orders the sales contract is signed between a Customer and a Seller. The user can submit the subsequent confirmation of the contract on the specified e-mail adress.
  9. In the case of finalization of sale, a product referred to in an Order is submitted electronically or through the courier service, the courier company or post office - Order finalization time is approximately 3 business days. Specified time may be longer for reasons that do not depend on the Seller for which the Seller is not responsible in the case of late shipments delivered by mail or courier.
  10. Payments can be recorded and processed by a different service provider (depending on the chosen form of payment) or by mail or courier company upon delivery of products with cod during shipment.
  11. In the case of advance payment, product is sent the moment the 100% of order's value and the subsequent costs is received (eg. The cost of shipment, insurance), and after the sale.
  12. If the seller fails to perform the Sale of paid Orders, the money will be paid back.
  13. If you choose the "cash on delivery" payment method , the Customer authorizes the Seller to cover the costs of transport on behalf of Customer and commits to reimburse these costs.
  14. If the order is related to a physical products, the cost of shipment may vary
    1. Delivery costs to other countries and territories, which are not listed in the table above, are 5 euros, unless the information on the Site lists another amount.
    2. The cost of the payload that's paid by COD is twice the cost of the shipment ordered and paid in advance, as shown in the table above.
  15. "COD" payment is a form of payment selected by labeling the option "cash on delivery". Ordering fees are payed by a user to the post office representative, courier or the representative of the delivery company that delievered the products to the address specified by the user. The products remain the property of the seller up to the moment of paying the full amount.
  16. All products described on the site are brand new, with certificates, instructions manuals, in accordance with regulations where the seller's headquarters are.
  17. Color and the end look of the product shown on the website may differ from the actual color and appearance of the final product because of photographic and printing technology that are being used, and images may not reflect the colors and shades in full. Product manufacturers reserve the right to make technical changes on representing the product without prior notice.

Order Changes

  1. If the ordered product whose price is wrongly entered by the website's data entering service or due to a server error, the user will be informed about it, and the order can be canceled.
  2. The user can change or withdraw the order in full no later than 2 hours from the time of order confirmation. For this the user needs to contact an agent. Otherwise, if the user does not cancel the contract in accordance with paragraph VII., he can be charged with the cost of packaging and shipment mentioned in article V paragraph 14, increased for the cost of the return shipment to the seller, equal to the costs in article V paragraph 14.

Breach of contract

  1. Since the sales contract between the Customer and the Seller was concluded at a distance, a user can at any time cancel the contract without giving a reason, within 14 days after order confirmation.
  2. Contract cancellation must always precede the telephone contact and written statement in accordance with the case statement that is attached below or in an addendum of the delivered product, which contains bank account of the user that made the payment for the product. Telephone contact and sent statement must be executed before the expiration of the 14 day period referred to in Article VII, paragraph 1.
  3. Regarding the contract cancellation the User is obliged to immediately, and no later than 30 days from the date of cancellation, return delivered products to the address indicated by the Seller. Products mustn't have traces of use and need to be pre-packed. The user is responsible for any damage caused by his fault, conscious negligence. The seller is obliged to immediately refund the full price of the Product.
  4. If the user does not take the Product he paid for, the Seller may contact the User to schedule a new delivery. If he deadline set out in articleVII. par. 1 was in complience with the deadline , the user can use the right to cancel the contract in compliance with the rules set out in this paragraph.
  5. Seller reserves the right to cancel the contract in case the product is not in stock or in the event of technical problems arising during the implementation, of which the user will be notified. In such case the user does not bear any costs.


  1. All complaints should be sent in writing to the address listed on the notice or leaflet included that was given with the product.
  2. The complaint regards the Products that are not in accordance with the contract, Products that have a satisfaction guarantee, as well as damaged shipments. This chapter specifically governs appeals that are based on a guarantee of satisfaction.
  3. Reimbursement for Products from complaints under the guarantee of satisfaction is only possible with the first purchase of the Product, solely in relation to the price of a single piece of product per one person / household, even if the User has ordered more products. The cost of packaging and shipment specified in paragraph V. pg. 14, is not covered by the refund arrangements.
  4. Reimbursement is only possible if the appeal request was submitted before the deadline specified on the website in writing, to the address specified by the Seller. This period is counted from the date of receipt of the Product by the Customer. In the case of the appeal via mail, the letter must be sent without fail, before the deadline specified on the website.
  5. All packaging (wasted as well) of the submitted products should be returned to the address indicated by the Seller, within the prescribed period that is specified on the Website. If all packaging is not returned, the loss of warranty and the loss of ability for Refund follows.
  6. Using the appellate procedure, the Customer is entitled to a refund in the maximum amount of a single product. Other fees and expenses, including the shipment cost will not be returned. When buying more items, the price is calculated as the average price of the Product; costs of delivery of ordered products is covered by the User. The cost of the package and the return of the products or packaging is covered by the User. The seller does not accept shipments that are paid on delivery.
  7. When it comes to physical products we will only consider complaints of the products that were used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  8. In case of the User ordering a large number of products that are used for long periods of time, if they are not effective in the first month of use, the User has the right to withdraw from the further use of the Product. If the User complaints and during the first return the User sends other products in pristine condition, to the address specified by the Seller, the Seller will refund the price of all intact products, minus the extra costs (eg, shipment, insurance).
  9. Minimum information that should be stated in the complaint: Who ordered the product (name and surname of the User, the address to which the product was delivered, the e-mail address, e-mail and phone number), a list of products that have been returned, the initial and the final date of use of the products, a detailed description of the method and result of use, expected outcome of the complaint (ie. repairing or replacing the product or refund), and bank account (with IBAN number and SWIFT) so that the Refund can be done. In addition, the complaint should be legible, made in a form that allows the reading of content, with a legible signature of the User. Complaints that do not contain the above information will not be considered.
  10. The packaging of the Products that the User is returning must be protected so as not to suffer any damage. The User must only use packages or envelopes that ensure proper packaging and protection. Only the product or the Product package that is intact in the transport can be considered in appeal.
  11. The deadline for consideration of complaints is 14 working days from the date of submission to the address indicated on the flyer that came with the ordered product. In case of positive consideration of the complaint comes the automatic refund or repair / replacement of the Product. The User can obtain information on the status of registered complaints via e-mail to the e-mail address of the Seller indicated by the Clients buisness sector.
  12. In case of a positive response to the complaint, the money for the purchase price of the same single product, the Seller or an authorized entity must return only via bank account payment to the Beneficiary indicated in the complaint. If the Seller has not received payment for the purchased product by the User, in the case of, for example, payment on delivery, refund on behalf of the Seller can be done via mail, courier service or a delivery company.
  13. As for the Orders paid in advance by a credit card or a debit card, where the user fills in a bank request for refund (ie. Cancellation or "chargeback"), the process of reclamation is put on hold and will not be considered by the Seller as long as the dispute is not solved. Despite the fulfillment of the conditions and warranty claims, the User will not receive a refund if the bank accepts the chargeback.
  14. Destroyed shipments. User is obliged to check the shipment at the time of receipt, to verify that it was not damaged during transport. In the case of damaged shipments, the party that delivers needs to fill out the damage report if the User requires, which must be signed by the User and the party that delivers product which forms the basis for the realization of the right to complain. The User is entitled to a free replacement of theProduct or a refund. Complaints due to mechanical damage of the User will not be considered.
  15. In the case of returning goods and recovering funds to a customer who has previously paid a payment card, in whole or in part, and regardless of the reason for the return, Medisana Trade is obliged to make a refund solely through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payments.
  16. Email: intronic@yubc.net Phone: (+381 11) 3293-258

Additional information

  1. In the case of improper use of any of the proposed Products or the use that is not in accordance with the instructions written on the package and/or on the enclosed leaflet, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences of such use.
  2. For more information about the Products offered on the Website there is the sector dealing with clients that is avaliable. The fastest answer you can get over the phone by calling the number displayed on the Website, or by electronic mail via the form available on the Website. For calling the number displayed on the Website, the User pays a fee that is charged by their operaters.

Information about the Products that are in the category of food supplements

  1. All products that fall into dietary supplements are effective with a healthy diet - a balanced and varied diet in terms of intake of nutritional value, with an active and healthy lifestyle. The use of dietary supplements is not recommended for adolescents, pregnant and lactating women or older people. For now, no Product has shown a negative effect on health, but in case of suspicion or appearance of any trouble, please contact a doctor immediately.


  1. Platform owner is not responsible for the behavior of users and vendors, or for failure to perform or an improper execution of sales contracts, and is not responsible for the consequences of the activities of users and vendors that have violated the provisions of these Regulations. Platform owner is not responsible for quality, safety and legality of products offered through the website, the authenticity and credibility of the information provided by vendors, for sellers inabilityinability to sell and insolvency of users who order. Platform owner shall not be liable if the vendors have not finalized the sale.
  2. Billing provider is not a party of the contract concluded between users and vendors, and is not liable for failure to perform or improperr execution of an agreement by users. Billing provider is especially not responsible if the dealers capable for the conclusion and finalization of contracts for sales of goods or services, and for the users insolvency.
  3. Billing provider does not implement payments, nor does he keep accounts for payment or for the billing. As part of its business, billing provider uses specialized financial institutions and payment institutions, which he chose to the best of his knowledge and with due business thoroughness.
  4. Niether seller, billing provider nor the Administrator shall be liable to the companies and third parties for special, indirect or secondary damages incurred during the use of the Products shown on website.
  5. Seller is not responsible for damages that may occur due to the improper use of the Product.
  6. The seller does not consider complaints arising from the differences between the actual layout of the purchased product and its image on the Internet site. Photos and drawings of products on the website are used for illustrative purposes only.
  7. When entering payment card information, confidential information is transmitted through a public network in a secure (encrypted) form of the used SSL protocol and PKI system, as the current state of the art cryptographic technology. The security of the data during the purchase is guaranteed by the ChipCard payment card processor Belgrade, so the complete process of charging is done on the ChipCard pages. No information about the payment card is available to our system at all.
  8. On behalf of Medisana Trade, we commit ourselves to protect the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic customer / user data and information necessary for operating and informing the users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide a quality service. We give customers the choice, including the ability to decide whether they want or not to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer / customer information is strictly kept and is available only to employees whose information is necessary for doing business. All Medisana Trade employees are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.

Contact information

Final regulations

  1. All disputes will be attempted to be resolved by negotiations, with the aim of peaceful settlement of the dispute.
  2. In the event of a failure to achieve a peaceful solution, the appropriate court for disputes arising from the use of Internet sites, the products described on the site or the purchases of the Product from the Seller shall be the court competent for the residence of the involved parties.
  3. The site administrator reserves the right to change the contents of this rulebook by the publication of the new rulebook on the website. The changes will be visible to people who make online orders and will apply to Orders sent after changes are posted.

Place, date

First and Last name of the User

Address for submission of statements:
In accordance with the instructions sent with the product

Regarding the contract termination

I declare that I am cancelling the sale's contract of the products (product name), concluded by an order confirmation that I submitted on
I am seeking a refund in the amount of (in words) on the account number, SWIFT/BIC
I am returning (name, product quantity) in an unchanged condition.

User’s signature