Privacy Policy

All the terms used in this document have the meaning that is defined in the Rules listed on the Site ("Rules").

This Privacy Policy sets the rules under which the data given by the User while using the Site, are collected, processed and protected, as with the use of "cookies" on users' computers, and in collecting and processing data on users for statistical purposes, this data is processed in other ways, particularly during collection, recording, storage, disclosure and the use of data in any other way.

All personal data are collected on the principle of free will and are intended to be used by the owner and/or the Administrator or the Seller.

While browsing the Site, servers automatically collect information sent by the search engines and those that are contained in the systems. This information may include various information for example. e-mail addresses, IP addresses, type of search engine, website address which has been checked directly before the opening the Site, the time of opening the Site and statistical data. Service administrator uses them to provide the highest quality of services, as well as for the technical and statistical purposes.

Database of personal data is led by an Administrator in accordance with the regulations in the residence of the Administrator and the rules of social coexistence.

Administrator of Users personal data that are collected with the use of the Products is the Seller and/or Servica administrator.

The collected data are used for User identification with the goal of finalizing the orders,for the online and offline accounting process, the After Sales Service and subsequent contact with customers. Such data include, among other things, informations such as: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any personal information given by Users.

Given the character of some of the products, the Customer may be asked to provide additional personal information. The scope of subsequently requested data is defined by the rules or listed on the Site.

To protect the privacy of individual persons, names and personal details of Users and other persons whose statements on the page can be changed.

The Administrator processes personal information for the purpose of providing services, for its product and services marketing purposes, as well as sending users newsletters and other promotional and advertising materials. The user can, at any time, say that he/she does not give consent for the delivery of commercial information - by contacting the business sector for clients, using the contact form on the Website or in the case of forms that give the option to subscribe by clicking "unsubscribe".

Every user has certain authority based on the law on personal information protection. To view your information or remove it, you have the contact form on the Website, or can contact the sector of business with clients.

The Website may also use Google Analytics (or similar systems) ie the Internet page analysis service available through Google, Inc. ("Google") or other entities. Google Analytics uses "cookies". Google may provide the identified information to third parties only if it is required by law.

The Website owner uses "cookies" to store information on particular preferences of the User. These are files with text that users download, and that identifies them in the manner required to enable some of the operations. These files store data about the personal settings of the User and autofill templates, and are used inter alia for storing data necessary for User login. In particular, two categories of "cookies" are used:

Action cookies - files that are recorded in order to follow User activities on the Website. Thanks to them, it is known what pages are most frequently visited , which are the most-used functions on the Website, or how the marketing materials are working on the Website. These files are the source of statistical data and it helps optimize the Website functionality, for example following the "jump off rate" ie. data about incomplete actions on the Website. The requirement for "cookies" is the acceptance by the User in order to enter the appropriate settings for the Internet search engine.

Session Cookies - are applied on websites with the option of logging- files that are written to the aim of determining the status of User logins. They are intended for Users that have access to pages that are visible only to the Website Users. Session cookies are predisposed for Users in the process of logging in and removed at log-out, ie. click on "Unsubscribe".

The administrator can carriy out a survey among Users to collect certain data (eg, age, education, profession). Completing the survey is voluntary, and personal data collected this way is processed and used for statistical analysis of User profiles and are given to Administrator's partners. Disclosure of such information is always voluntary.

Every User can at any time withdraw the consent given for processing and storage of their data by contacting (mail or phone) the buisness with clients sector. On pages with login/subscription options, the consent may be withdrawn by using the form on the Site and/or click on "unsubscribe".

After the consent-withdrawal by the User for data processing, the Administrator is required to store data of the user, as well as all statistical data related to the User's account for a period of at least 90 days. The processing of personal data by the Administrator after the withdrawal of consent to the processing of data for marketing purposes, it only comes to data storage with eventual approval by the User and obligations of the Administrator, with not performing any other operations on the data, except for mandatory actions of the Administrator prescribed by law or imposed by the authorized authorities.

Preventing abuse in the form of identity theft, extortion and illegal information network data theft called "phishing" is one of the priorities of the owners and administrators. Thus all User data, especially credit card numbers, user names and passwords on the Website, with the ability to log into your account, are collected while maintaining the highest data security.

The Administrator reserves the right to send Users unsolicited messages such as: information on the functioning of the Website (eg, on changes in functioning), non-commercial letters (eg, greeting cards, system messages). Each User has the right to refuse to consent to the submission of information of this type, by clicking the link located below the message.

The Website can show links (eg. In the form of the logo by third parties) with which the person viewing your site is redirecting to an external web page. Due to the application of the above mentioned , it can not be considered that the Administrator of the Website is in any way connected with the third party that owns the external web site. The Administrator in any case does not bear responsibility for the consequences of such forward nor can he influence the content of external internet sites. The Administrator is not responsible for the content of privacy policies and the security procedures that apply to these sites, nor for the implementation of "cookies" while browsing those sites. We urge that all persons who use such links read the contents of the corresponding documents relevant to that page.

The administrator reserves the right to introduce amendments to this Privacy Policy. All changes will be visible on the Website and you will be able to see them in "Privacy Policy", therefore we recommend users to visit the website and review the current terms of use thereof.

Using the Website constitutes acceptance of the above mentioned rules.