Best of nature

Mr.Black body scrub is made of the finest varieties of 'Robusta' coffee, which has been used in cosmetics because of its multiple effects:

  • reduces cellulite and makes the skin smooth
  • removes toxins, and additionally stimulates the circulation
  • improves the appearance of skin after just a few treatments
  • reduces cellulite and the skin aging process
  • protects the skin from damage caused by external factors
  • soothes the senses and relaxes the skin

Mr.Black body scrub is a body scrub you will love and that will make you happy!

Help your skin breathe, make it hydrated, shiny and soft.
After only four weeks of regular use, the effects will be visible, and you can forget about rough and dry skin, no cellulite and stretch marks.
The coffee in the body scrub will help your skin free of imperfections and it will restore its youthful appearance.


Slows water evaporation from the skin, thus keeping the skin hydrated, there is always a proper water balance in the body. By gently massaging, sugar crystals stimulate the receptors, help to hydrate the skin, restore its silky softness. Sugar crystals are ideal components of a body scrub because they help to effectively and painlessly remove dead skin cells and reduce the risk of allergies or damage, they also raise skin immunity.


Thanks to its unique content of micronutrients, it helps clear the skin of toxins and stimulate circulation. This natural and special ingredient is a very effective abrasive component that helps removing the dead skin cells. Manganese is a component of sea salt, it slows down the activity of free radicals that are responsible for the aging of the skin. Calcium is responsible for maintaining the cohesion of keratinocytes by stimulating cell regeneration, and zinc from sea salt assists in the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis.


It has an antibacterial effect, it hydrates the skin and provides it with adequate protection. Almond extract helps maintain skin elasticity, reduces the possibility of occurrence of stretch marks, relieves itching and inflammation of the skin, maintains an adequate level of hydration of the skin. Usage of almond oil for body scrub allows the skin to be smooth and reduces cellulite. It can be used in cosmetics for all skin types.


Vitamin that is fat soluble, has antioxidant properties, captures free radicals and slows down the aging process, improves elasticity and appearance of the skin, removes pigmentation spots. It refreshes the body, maintains proper water balance so the complexion of the skin is radiant, protects the lipid structure of cell membranes and perfectly regenerates skin after applying the body scrub.


Prepared from orange peel by cold pressing. The main efficient components of this oil are Alpha-pinene, Citronellal, Citral, Sabinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool and Neral. Orange oil increases the production of collagen in the skin, while the vitamin C component is an important and necessary element for the synthesis of collagen. It tightens the skin, makes it smooth, protects the skin from external factors and oxidative stress, helps the skin maintain a youthful and radiant look.