DEXE Hair Building Fibers 8g (25 applications)


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DEXE Hair Building Fibers is an increasingly popular beauty product for a fuller and more natural looking hair with millions satisfied customers worldwide. As soon as you apply the DEXE microfibers, you will have fuller hair as if your hair has never been sparse. You'll see for yourself once you try it. This product is only sprinkled on the sparse hair and it simply merges with your hair, leaving it totally thick and natural. Thanks to the electrostatic effect, microfibers are well fixed to the hair, so that no wind nor rain can remove it.
Finally there is a safe and natural way to eliminate the phenomenon of hair loss in men and women. It's not a spray, cream or something that only covers the hair. In fact, this is a new and revolutionary product so advanced it can not be compared to anything you have seen before.
DEXE fibers are a new, extraordinary complex of invisible "microfibers" that will fit perfectly with your hair. DEXE microfibers are made from the same organic protein - keratin just like your own hair. Through the process of adhesion, these fibers are being restructured on your hair, making it thick and strong. That's how you will immediately get a fuller and more natural look you never could have imagined.

What kind of product is DEXE
DEXE is a quick and a safe way to improve the appearance of hair. It momentarily conceals flaps, thinning and graying hair, and also the growing hair and makes it thick and lush after application. The product is completely unnoticeable even from a close range. It is resistant to wind, rain and sweat. Thanks to its natural composition it is suitable for everyone and does not cause any allergies.

How it works
When you use DEXE to treat head portions that are completely free of hair, or where the hair is sparse, the negatively charged fibers are attached to the positively charged hair shafts like a magnet due to the static electricity.

DEXE is a 100% natural product. It consists of plant fibers that are dyed with natural mineral pigments in all shades of hair. It is an antiallergic product and it can also be used for sensitive skin.

Plant fibers
DEXE fibers are made of plant fibers. Their optical structure is very similar to natural hair. This is one of the reasons why DEXE gives a completely natural effect.

The exclusive and official importer of the product DEXE of the English company U-TOP Technology Limited for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania, is the company Medisana Trade Ltd., Jevrejska 13, 11000 Beograd, tel: +381 11 258 3293, e- mail:

DEXE is a popular cosmetic product for fine,sparse hair and hair flaps, the hair becomes thick and lush
Travel Size with 8 grams DEXE microfibers is designed for 25 applications
DEXE is suitable for both men and women
Available colors (the color of your hair): black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, gray
Easy to use, applied in 10 seconds
A completely natural look, DEXE fibers for thinning hair are completely invisible, even at close range
DEXE stays all day long, it is windproof, rainproof and sweatproof
Made of natural plant fibers, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive scalp
It contains no synthetic colors or preservatives.
Since the fibers are fixed to the hair, without coloring the scalp, the hair looks fuller, receives volume and a healthy look
It can be used in combination with other hair products, including products for medical treatment of hair and scalp.
DEXE can be used after hair transplant surgery to increase the exuberance.
Manufacturer: U-TOP Technology Limited, UK

Natural plant fibers, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive scalp

For best results, it is recommended to apply on washed and completely dry hair. Style your hair. Do not use a gel, a hair spray, or anything similar for fixing the hair prior to application of the product. Tilt the product bottle at an angle of 45 degrees, above your hair, at a height of 5-7 cm above the area of application. If the area is small, bring the bottle a little bit closer to the desired area. Gently shake the bottle so that the content is evenly distributed on the surface of your hair. Apply the product starting from the nape and slowly move towards the forehead. Move the bottle in the direction of hair growth.

DEXE does not require additional fasteners. However, if you plan to do sports activities, walk in the rain or in strong winds or are otherwise exposed to significant mechanical shock to your hair, it is recommended to use a spray for fixing (any hairspray) to secure the stability of the applied product. DEXE should be rinsed during washing with an ordinary shampoo.


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