• Kräuteröl 110 oil (100ml)

Kräuteröl 110 oil (100ml)

Eifa Warenhandels Gmbh

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The natural oil based on 110 medicinal plants, made in Germany.
Kräuteröl 110 Oil is a completely natural product, made according to traditional recipes based on roots, fruits and flowers of 110 plant species.
It has wide application and is known for its healing effects. As a therapeutic oil, it can be used to help with the headaches, inflammation of the muscles of the arms and legs, hands and feet pain. It's rubbed into the skin, used for a massage and dose it in drops, and it is very efficient as a pain reliever.
Kräuteröl 110 Oil is recommended to be used for the care and massage of the entire body, before or after vigorous physical activities, after a hard and stressful day. Because of the beautiful and refreshingly pleasant smell, it can be added to bath before bathing.
It is recommended for athletes before and after a hard practice or exercise, as a massage oil, it will alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, and after showering it will refresh them and prevent body odor. Kräuteröl 110 Oil may be used for rinsing the oral cavity as a mouth disinfectant.

Key features Kräuteröl 110 oil:

- It contains extracts of 110 medicinal herbs
- It can be used to refresh and eliminate unpleasant sweating of the chest, neck, throat, neck, arms, legs and soles area
- It can be used for a massage before and after sports activities when you have muscle pain
- It can also be used for care of feet and soles
- It is like a perfume, because it has a pleasant smell

Additional product information:
Product: Kräuteröl 110 oil
Manufacturer: Eifa Warenhandels Gmbh, Germany
Quantity: 100 ml
Shelf-life: written on the packaging
The exclusive and official importer of Kräuteröl oil is a German company Eifa Warenhandels Gmbh for Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania, the company Medisana Trade Ltd., Jevrejska 13, 11000 Belgrae, phone number: +381 11 3293 258, e-mail:intronic@yubc.net

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At bedtime or in the morning after getting up rub 2 to 4 drops into the skin at the places where you sweat the most. If you suffer from fatigue and exhaustion rub 2 to 4 drops on the forehead, temples, scalp and neck.
As a perfume: Rub 1 - 3 drops behind the earlobes, on the wrist, neck, or other appropriate parts of the body.
For sports activities: Before walking or hiking massage your arms, thighs, shins and feet with a few drops of Kräuteröl 110 oil and repeat after the activity.
For massage: Mix Kräuteröl 110 with other vegetable oils or neutral oils for skin after bathing or showering; after sports activities you should massage the painful parts of the body.
For foot care: If you soles ache or if you are feeling a twinge in them or your legs are heavy, after a long hike, apply oil drops on the feet and spread them. Your feet will be fresh and without odor.
Kräuteröl 110 oil - Caution when using:
It is used in drops. For external use only. Kräuteröl 110 oil is not intended to be drunk, because it can cause breathing problems. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Not intended to be used by children under six years of age. Do not use it differently than specified in the instructions on the packaging or on this website. Make sure that the product does not come into contact with fire because it is flammable. Keep out of the reach of children.


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