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Terms & Conditions apply to customers residing in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The buyer is every adult who accepts our business conditions. Business conditions are accepted when making online orders.


Buyer orders products online. Products are ordered electronically by selecting a particular product. After selecting the desired product, the form/order is fulfilled, where you enter your personal information as well as information about the product and the method of delivery of the product. After that, plaform asks to confirm all entered data by clicking on a link ''order''. All prices are in dinars. After we receive your order you will receive a return email with a confirmation of a successfully completed orders and instructions for payment and delivery.

Out of stock

In certain cases, due to high demand, it is possible that some of the ordered products can not be delivered, or that some of the products that are offered are completely sold out. In the event of sold out products, the customer will be informed by e-mail or by phone.

The guarantor’s statement:

Warranty certificate is issued to the customer in accordance with the applicable consumer protection laws of the Republic of Serbia. The warranty period for all products of the guarantor is 25 months and starts from the time of purchase and delivery of the product to the customer and is valid for the territory of the Republic of Serbia. With a guarantee, the provider of guarantees committs that, during the duration of the warranty period, in the event of a customer's product complaint,he will repair the product or replace it at an authorized service center.

Warranty obligations of the guarantor:

- The guarantor guarantees that the products conform with the manufacturer's specifications, and that it will function properly if the consumer is strictly adhered to the instructions for handling and uses the product in the manner specified in the warranty card.

- Products and parts that are replaced during the warranty period or products for which the reimbursement was made become the property of the Manufacturer/Importer.

- In the case of minor repairs of the product, guarantee period will be extended for the time the consumer was deprived of the use of the product. If the replacement of product was made due to improper functioning of the product or if there was an essential repair, the warranty period starts again from the replacement or return of the product to the consumer.

- In the case of unjustified complaints, the consumer shall bear any expenses at the current price list of producers services.

- The guarantor will, after the warranty period, provide an immediate supply of spare parts in accordance with the law.

- Services and maintenance that are not covered by warranty are charged by the current servicer's price list.

Consumer Obligations (Consumers are required to):

- Establish the product’s completeness and physical intactness when the product is delivered, because subsequent complaints of this type will not be accepted.

- Strictly comply with the instructions for use and maintenance of the product and provisions of this warranty.

- Provide the appropriate conditions and power supply according to the manufacturer's specification.

- Entrust the product to the individuals that are trained to use it and to familiarize himself with the conditions of work, the conditions of the warranty as well as technical documentation before the first use of the product.

- Provide: the original fiscal receipt and the original notarised warranty card, otherwise the guarantee will not be accepted. All these documents must be completed and duly certified.

- In the case of a product replacement, or refund, the consumer is obliged to submit the complete original packaging, accompanying the original attachments and original documentation. In the event that any of these is missing, the corresponding amount from the amount intended for the reimbursement of the consumer shall be deducted. In the case of a product replacement, the missing piece of a new kit will be kept. After recieving the notification by the service provider that the problems with the product were resolved, the consumer must pick it up within 90 days. After the expiry of 90 days niether the repairer nor the guarantor shall be liable for any damage or loss of goods.

Warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by:

-Inadequate installation, improper handling or inadequate maintenance.

-Mechanical, chemical or any other damages resulted after the purchase..

-Voltage variation in the electric grid, thunder strikes and the accompanying phenomena, force majeure, natural disasters and natural events.

-Usage of the software, other connecting products, parts or supplies that are not authorized by the manufacturer or the guarantor.

-Actions of third parties, repairs by an unauthorized persons, replacing the defective part with a non-original without the consent of the guarantor, the use of inadequate equipment or additional energy or the results of these actions.

-Overworking the product, using it outside the limits specified in the instructions, outside the parameters of working regime, parameters of the environment and workloads recommended by the manufacturer.

-Impacts of: moisture, water, heat, vibration, dust, extreme environmental conditions, etc.

-Using parts of the product that are expendable, such as toner, ink cartridges, ink jet printer heads, rollers for withdrawal, mechanism for transporting paper, batteries and anything else that the manufacturer has defined as supplies.

The warranty will be lost:

- If the unauthorized product service was preformed.

- If the product was used improperly

- If the consumer fails to comply with the obligations set out in chapter Consumer's Obligations.

NOTE: The buyer which is not considered a consumer in terms of the Consumer Protection Act is entitled to the guarantee period whose duration is specified in the warranty card. The "warranty", "warranty obligations of the guarantor," "Consumer's Obligations (consumers are required to)," "Warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by:", "The warranty will be lost", shall apply accordingly to the buyer that is not considered a consumer.

Ownership protection

The company Medisana Trade Ltd. have all copyrights for using published material (text, photos, video) on the website in terms of positive legislation in the Republic of Serbia. Already published materials are prohibited to publish, sell or otherwise use without the consent of the company Medisana Trade Ltd. Otherwise, a violation of this provision entails responsibility and indemnity.


There are two payment methods for purchasing our products:

- COD - The package will be delivered to your home and you wil pay after recieving it.

- Wire transfer or general payment - after ordering the invoice will be sent to your mail. The total amount of the invoice shall be paid at the bank or at the post office to our current account with reference to the number that will also be written in the invoice. Once your payment is processed, we will send you a package.


- Products ordered through the web site will be delivered by mail or courier directly to your home address. Delivery includes the following:

- delivery on the territory of Serbia

- delivery to your home address within 5 business days

- the price includes the cost of processing, packaging and delivery to the buyer's door

- before sending, the product will be examined, neatly packaged and sent.

For all received deliveries the recipient must sign the delivery note upon recieving the shipment. The sender will indicate the reference number of supporting documents on the pick-up list, and delivery list with a reference number will be a proof of delivery.

If you the courier can not find you at the home address, he will leave a notice of recieved shipment stating a tracking number and telephone number of the customer service, and the shipment will return to our center. You just need to call Customer Service to arrange a new delivery.